Fountain Valley Bee Removal

Got Bees? Need A Fountain Valley Bee Removal? If you have a swarm of bees that are making you or your neighbors uncomfortable, call your Fountain Valley bee removal experts at Bee Busters!
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Fountain Valley Bee Removal

Bee Busters is your Fountain Valley Bee Removal experts. We also perform Fountain Valley Wasp Removal and live Fountain Valley bee rescue. We will go to any length to take care of your bee problem. Such as this job in Tustin, Ca. Inside the hangar were 10 honeybee colonies, about 170 feet up, so getting on a 2nd story roof is no big deal. Bee Removal is all that we do at Bee Busters. We work all over the County. Fountain Valley is no exception. We’ve removed bees from Mile Square ParkFountain Valley Regional Hospital, even Costco. 

Known as “A Nice Place to Live” Fountain Valley, California is a delightful middle class residential bedroom community in Orange County. Once known for many artesian wells the community now boasts Mile Square Regional Park packed with native plants to the region, two lakes, sport fields, picnic spots, and golf courses.

Fountain Valley Bee RemovalFountain Valley Bee RemovalFountain Valley Bee Removal
Given the large space, it is no wonder that bees find the city as attractive as humans do. There are several kinds of bee situations that people may find in this area. As such, Fountain Valley bee removal service is necessary. Thankfully, you have help. Bee Busters, inc. is a lot more than just a group of bee keepers.

Fountain Valley Bee Control

If you are seeing bees around your home and the bees are entering and exiting the structure, you may have a colony of bees in there. This colony may be exposed but more often will be inside a void like a hollow in a tree, wall, or other cavity. It is not good to have bees living in your structure.Enter Bee Busters, a reliable Fountain Valley bee removal company to remove unwanted bees, wasps, and yellow jackets. Bee Busters can solve your bee problem a number of different ways. We can treat the bees or remove them as well as the honeycombs. Bees leave behind pheromones and professional removal of the honeycombs is usually recommended. While it is a personal choice between full removal or simply capturing the swarm of bees in Fountain Valley, removal helps prevents damage from other pests or melting wax and honey. Bee Busters, Inc. works to relocate the bees when it’s possible to do so safely.

Here are some of Bee Buster’s many services in Fountain Valley that include Bee Removal, Bee Rescue, and Beekeeping.

  • Fountain Valley Bee Removal – Bee Busters will come into a situation where Fountain Valley bee removal is the only solution. Bee Busters will seek out and remove both the colony or swarm and the honeycombs they have created. Once the job is done, we also ensure the property owner has enough knowledge to prevent future bee related issues. Since all wild swarms now have Africanized Honeybees, safety is a primary concern.
  • Fountain Valley Beekeeping – Bee Busters offers Fountain Valley bee removal as well as beekeeper services such as live removal and fresh honey for sale. Additionally, we host classes and training for those interested in beekeeping. Keeping domestic bees is a great hobby for any age. If you want more information, please give us a call.

Serving Fountain Valley for over 35 years, Bee Busters, Inc has been providing bee removal services like bee and stinging insect removal and beekeeping. So if you need Fountain Valley Bee Removal, swarm or colony, Contact us at 949-497-6264. We are ready to help you remove unwanted bees, wasps or yellow jackets.

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