Do you have bees in your living room? If you have a fireplace, odds are they are coming in through the fireplace and you have chimney bees. The first thing people think to do is light a fire. This is NOT a good idea. If you have had a swarm move into the chimney, the smoke will NOT make them leave. It will however, create a potential fire hazard. The smoke could weigh down the swarm, causing them to fall down into the fire. It could also catch the bees on fire which could catch the chimney on fire. Yes, these are worst case scenarios, but have all happened before. Call Bee Busters today to have your chimney bees removed.
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Stucco Chimney Bees

With stucco chimneys, we can usually remove the chimney cap, remove the honey and combs and clean out the void. In most cases, we can put the cap back in place for you. For more intricate or complex chimney caps, sometimes it is necessary to have a chimney company put the cap back in place.

Chimney bee removal
The chimney bees in this stucco chimney needed to go.
Ladera Ranch Chimney Bees
Me inside the belly of the beast, (inside the chimney)

Brick Chimney Bees

The other type of chimney that is commonly used is brick with a clay liner. In most instances in a clay lined chimney, the chimney bees build the combs right inside the liner and are pretty easily removed. However, sometimes, they find a gap and move into the masonry void. In these situations, the only option is to eradicate the bees. You would not be able to remove the honeycombs without tearing the chimney apart and incurring very large repair bills.

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These bees were accessible because they started building in the flue liner
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These bees are entering the wall next to the chimney. You can tell they have been there for a good amount of time by the darkness near the entrance called propolis