Laguna Hills Bee Removal

Are bees bugging you? If you have a swarm of bees that  are bugging you, don’t panic, call the Laguna Hills bee removal experts at Bee Busters. Bee Busters has been serving Orange County since 1983.

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Laguna Hills Bee Removal Service and Bee Control Experts

The thriving community of Laguna Hills has a rich history, being built on an old Spanish land grant named Rancho Niguel. Sitting in the western area of the Saddleback Valley, it draws people seeking a superior educational experience for their children. The suburb has both a range of high performing elementary schools, which are part of a larger school district, Saddleback Valley Unified School District and the Laguna Hills High School that is one of the smallest in the southern Orange County with only 1700 students.

Laguna Hills Bee RemovalLaguna Hills Bee RemovalLaguna Hills Bee Removal
Reported having a population of 30,344 in 2010, the city is also experiencing a lot of environmental problems such as unwanted bees, wasps and yellow jackets. Bee Busters, Inc. a Laguna Hills bee removal company, is dedicated to educating the public about bees and taking care of people’s bee problems.

A large concentration of bees in an area that lacks flowers or water should be cause for minor concern. There may be a hidden colony nearby. Bees prefer to locate their colonies inside hollows and other void spaces that provide shelter, and urban settings provide many of these. Only rarely will you find an exposed colony. Bee Busters, a professional Laguna Hills bee removal service, can do much to reduce the potential for future issues like re-settlement of another swarm in the same location. Both the scent of honey and the pheromones left behind by the colony are attractive to other bees, insects, and pests. While one can leave the honeycombs in place, doing so risks future damage to the location. Bee Busters works in your community, providing residential and commercial services that are the most innovative in the country.

Bee Buster’s many services include Bee Removal, Bee Rescue, and Bee Keeping. These three elements form the core of our business. Here is a little more about what we do:

  • Laguna Hills Bee Removal – Since all wild swarms now have Africanized Honeybees, safety of the community is a primary concern. Bee Busters seeks out and removes problem bees and the nest or honeycombs they have created. Our work with bee removal does not end there. We inspect the property and educate the owner how to prevent another infestation.
  • Beekeeping – As beekeepers, we offer a range of bee keeping services. We do on site pollination, bee education programs, and sell local fresh honey. Additionally, we host classes and training for those interested in bee keeping. Keeping domestic bees is a great hobby for any age. If you want more information, please call us.

For over 35 years, Bee Busters Inc. has been providing Laguna Hills bee removal service. We do Bee and stinging insect removal and keeping. For any problem swarm or colony, give us a call at 949-497-6264.


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