Irvine Bee Removal Service

Are you finding dead bees around your property? 

If so, you might need Irvine bee removal service provider, Bee Busters. Do you have a swarm of bees in your tree? Spend no money, they might move on their own. However, if they make you or your family nervous, don’t hesitate – call your Irvine bee removal service experts at Bee Busters Today!!

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Irvine Bee Removal Service and Bee Control Experts

Bee Busters in Irvine is your #1 Irvine Bee Removal Service. We take care of bees, yellow jackets and wasps. We are licensed bonded and insured. It’s important to have a licensed company at your house or place of business. Bee Busters specializes in Irvine bee removal services for residential and commercial locations. If you’ve got bees in your eave or bees in your tree, Who ya gonna call? Bee Busters!!

Irvine, in Orange County, California, is considered to be a very affluent suburban city. At present the city has a population of just under a quarter of a million people. However, the fascinating thing about this city is the fact that it has been created almost entirely by a single company, the Irvine Company. It also has a relatively short history since the company only started developing the area in 1960.

It has in the past been voted the “Best US City to Live In”, and it has also taken the top spot in a number of other categories. Perhaps the most impressive statistic of all is the FBI declaring it the safest city in the US, with the least amount of violent crime.

Affluence and Safety – Don’t Keep Bees Away

Irvine Bee Removal ServiceIrvine Bee Removal ServiceIrvine Bee Removal Service

In the city of Irvine, bees can be a particular nuisance. Especially if you’re trying to have a nice day at The Spectrum. You don’t need a swarm of bees ruining your day, you need Irvine Bee Removal Service company Bee Busters. There are many reasons why you should take care of your bee infestation. The first reason is safety. You don’t want your family or your neighbors being stung. Bees can also sting domestic animals. The second reason is liability. If you know you have a bee problem and do nothing about it, that can come back to bite you.

Irvine Bee Removal Service Providers at Your Service

If you live in a community which is regulated by a HOA, the HOA sometimes covers bee removal. It’s still up to you to report it to them. Beekeeping will almost certainly be prohibited. HOA’s don’t want to assume that liability.

Most home owners won’t be overly excited to go nose-to-nose with a colony of bees in their wall (stings on the nose can be quite painful!), fortunately there are is a solution — you can contact Bee Busters, an Irvine bee removal service company!

For your safety and the safety of those around you, it is essential to contact your Irvine bee removal experts. Bee Busters, Inc. is a professional bee control team serving Southern California for over 25 years. We have all the necessary equipment and can remove the colony you’re concerned about and identify other potential nesting sites you can easily close up to prevent future bee problems.

Quite often, a colony can go undetected for years, and while bees are generally welcome creatures, they can actually cause costly damage to a property. Call us today at 949-497-6264 and there is always an Irvine bee removal service expert to assist you.