Our Philosophy on Southern California Bee Control


Our background is in beekeeping, so our approach to bee control is heavily based on a thorough understanding of bee biology. We love and appreciate bees, and we want to protect the bee population in our community. We also understand that sometimes bees don’t belong in a particular part of an urban environment.

We use natural, green products to perform bee removals in Southern California, keeping you, your family, neighbors, and domestic animals safe, while maintaining the health of the larger local bee community.

Southern California bee control

Our goal is to give you correct knowledge about your bee situation, so you are well informed about your situation. Visit our self-help guide or talk to one of our experts today to discuss your options for Southern California bee control or bee removals.

Our Promise for Southern California Bee Control Services

  • Honest Advice
  • Competitive, No-Surprise Pricing
  • Fast Dispatched Uniformed and Experienced Experts

As professional beekeepers and a licensed structural pest control company specializing in bees and stinging insects, we know both sides of the bee business.

In urban environments, bees often build their colonies in hollow spaces within structures. This is where our tremendous amount of experience really makes the difference. Our techs thoroughly understand how to eradicate the bees without opening the structure, which saves you thousands of dollars. When it is not possible to eradicate the bees without opening the structure, our experts will use our cutting edge technology to remove the honeycombs and dead bees while doing minimal damage.

That’s why we are your Southern California bee control experts!

Many of our competitors are start-up companies whose technicians are new to the business. Many are unlicensed and using harsh chemicals that damage the bee population as a whole. Do you want these companies learning on your home?

Bee Busters has the expertise, experience, and proper credentials to utilize safe pesticides or to open your structure properly and safely. Be sure to hire a Southern California bee control company you can trust!