Resource Links About Bees, Wasps and Yellow Jackets


National Honey Board – Information for consumers, media, or industry insiders on the beekeeping industry, as well as newsletters and even recipes – excellent beekeeping forums on a variety of beekeeping topics– North American Bumblebees – Florida has more recently been facing the challenge of Africanized bees. This video is a wonderful production posted by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Beard of Bees video

Research & Information

Congressional Research Service – “Recent Honeybee Colony Declines”

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium

Basic Beekeeping Guide

Project Apis M (an organization of beekeepers, almond growers, and other “friends of the industry,” dedicated to bee research) –

University of California Riverside– Entomology- Bee Research

University of California Davis – Entomology – Bee Research Facility and Dr. Eric Mussen, Extension Apiculturist –

UC Berkeley Bee Friendly Gardens

Equipment & Supplies

Dadant & Sons – The premier source for beekeeping supplies

Also publisher of the American Bee Journal

Mann Lake Ltd

Olivarez Honey Bees, Inc – A good source of quality queens and package bees

Knorr Beeswax

Beekeeping Associations & Clubs

California State Beekeepers Association

Orange County Beekeepers Association  — (714) 839-2337