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Anaheim bee removal service provider, Bee Busters, has been providing Anaheim bee removal services for over thirty years. For most Anaheim bee removal service, we must eradicate the bees. We save bees in Anaheim when we can, but unfortunately when performing Anaheim bee removal services, you have to deal with Africanized Honeybees (AHB). Africanized bees arrived in this area in the late nineties. These bees are much harder to work with and pose an imminent danger to the public in Anaheim because they’re so easily set off. Here in OC, apiaries (bee yards) used to be a common sight, but, especially with the danger of existing hives becoming Africanized due to breeding with the wild AHBs, they simply cannot be placed in close proximity to people.

Bee Removal Services In Anaheim, CA

A call to Bee Busters brings help 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have been providing Anaheim bee removal service for over 30 years. We are also active in the beekeeping community and are bee keepers ourselves.

  • Anaheim Bee Removal Service(Swarm): The most cost-effective course of action is usually to simply have the bees eradicated. This is fast, humane, and poses the least risk to the surrounding public.
  • Anaheim Bee Removal Service(Colony): Once bees have been living in a location for more than a few weeks they’ll have a significant amount of honeycomb built up in the area. The best course of action is to not only remove the bees, but to have the structure cut open and the comb removed. This is when you would want to call in Anaheim bee removal service provider Bee Busters. If left in there, the honey could melt on a hot day and stain and damage your wall, or the dead bee larvae (of which there’ll be several pounds!) will attract mice and rats. Additionally the honeycomb acts as a beacon to future bees and opening the space allows for the most thorough preventative measures against reinfestation — packing the voidspace with insulation. If there’s no cavity in which to build a colony, there is no way for the bees to reinfest it!

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Growing up in this area, I remember it used to be nothing but orange groves as far as you could see. Over the years I’ve watched the Anaheim area grow into the densely suburbanized city it is today. There were once six major commercial beekeeping operations in the area, but they have all been driven out by urban development. Names such as John Ford, Mr Mobley and C.H. Cochran should be remembered as pioneering beekeepers in this area. David Marder, Bee Busters owner, used to work for Cochran. Dick’s Bee Supply was another fixture in the local beekeeping community, but struggled as urbanization drained the local beekeeping industry. Bee Busters bought the struggling operation and rolled it into our own operations. There were no other bee control companies in the area when we started, but dozens have sprung up in the last few years. In the beginning it was just David, peddling around on his bike shaking bees into boxes. Like the community around us, we have certainly grown up and become more sophisticated! We were the very first to use heat-sensing laser-thermometers to find colonies in walls, electric “injectors” to get pesticide deep into hard-to-reach wall-spaces, and many other innovative techniques that our competitors strive to emulate. Check out the video below of our state-of-the-art infra-red imaging, which can find and locate exactly where in your wall, a colony of bees is living!

Nowadays, Anaheim is synonymous with one thing to many people: the world famous Disneyland Park. Disneyland draws tourists to the area from literally around the world, and a whole tourism-based ecosystem of hotels and resorts has grown up around the park. Like a beehive spinning out swarms to start new colonies, Disneyland has spawned clones of itself in Florida, Europe, and Japan, but it all began here in Anaheim.

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Like Disneyland resort, hives of bees send out swarms to start new colonies. Unfortunately, they do not go to Florida but typically rest in a tree just a few hundred feet from their origin — that won’t even get you across the Disneyland parking-lot! Wasps and yellow jackets have also survived the transition to suburbanization.

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