Do you have bees in a block wall? Bees can live in just about anything. An old box, a stack of tires, a couch. We at Bee Busters have removed bees from the most interesting places. One common problem is getting bees in a block wall. When they build the walls, sometimes they get cheap and don’t fill each cell. Then as the wall shifts and the mortar deteriorates, a gap is created. Then scout bees find the location, determine it is a suitable nesting site, and move in. The problem with bees in a block wall is that they tend to be there for a while before they are noticed, creating a larger issue. The honeycombs built in the wall by the bees will make the area attractive to bees in the future. It is always best to remove the honeycombs but in a block wall, that can be very time consuming and expensive. Any time you remove bricks, it will be a big project. Take a look at this job we just did in Orange.
Bees behind brick

The picture below shows bees entering a hole in the bricks. Notice the discoloration around the hole, that is propolis.
Bees in wall, bees in brick