Professional Wasp Control and Extermination Services in Artesia, CA

Artesia, a city in Los Angeles County in California, is considered as one of its Gateway Cities. It is one of the more affluent cities in the Golden State and home to the East West Ice Palace, co-owned by world champion Michelle Kwan, and several Portuguese festivals.

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But like all paradises on Earth, Artesia also has a hitch – it is the home to several wasp species. But why worry when you have the expertise of a dependable wasp removal company at your beck and call?

Wasps, which are neither ants nor bees but are often mistaken for these insects, are divided into two categories – the solitary wasps that live alone as adults and the social wasps that live in colonies throughout their lives. In Orange County, the most common types of wasp are paper wasps, mud daubers, and yellowjackets.

In Artesia, wasp removal is provided by Bee Busters, Inc. There’s several reasons to go with an expert for wasp control. Our wasp experts can identify hidden wasp nests that an untrained eye may easily overlook. Our wasp removal experts can also identify the wasp species and take the best action suited to the specific lifecycle of your wasps.

Call Bee Busters – a reliable Artesia wasp removal service provider – at 949-497-6264 or 714-731-1959 and worry about wasps no more!

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