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West Covina Bee Removal Service and Bee Control Experts

While the original reason for creating West Covina might be less than glamorous (the prevention of a sewage farm), today the city is known for a steady, lively growth that dates back to WWII. Over time the orange and walnut groves in the area have given way to homes and businesses that thrive in this great southern California climate.

West Covina Bee RemovalWest Covina Bee RemovalWest Covina Bee Removal

Just because the groves are gone doesn’t mean the bees have left. In fact, this rich area still provides homes for bees, wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging insects that humans do not want them around. Luckily, there is a reliable bee removal company in West Covina to handle these problems. Bee Busters, Inc. is providing various bee control services with the most professional, well-trained bee removal operation in the county. Our technicians are licensed bee keeper so you will be guaranteed that removal of stinging insects is handled safely.

Have you spotted bees around your home in an area with no source flowers or water? You have right to be concerned. There may be a colony of bees. While a swarm may be found in the open, a colony will seek a void space (a tree hollow, between inner and outer walls, or inside a hollow object). An expert West Covina bee removal team can safely get rid of unwanted bees, wasps, and yellow jackets. Bees leave behind pheromones and specialized removal of the honeycombs followed by tips for sealing the area can prevent another swarm from taking up residence. Removal also averts harm from other pests, wax and honey. Bee Busters, Inc. provides residential and commercial operation to safely eliminate unwanted bees from your property and ensuring that full removal won’t damage your place.

Our core services include Bee Removal, Bee Rescue and Beekeeping that are professionally done.

  • West Covina Bee Removal: Since all wild swarms now have Africanized Honeybees safety is a primary concern. We are ready to remove both the problem colony or swarm and the honeycombs they have created. We also educate the property owner to prevent future bee related issues.
  • West Covina Beekeeping: Bee Busters has bee keeper services. We do at location pollination. We have fresh honey sales. We host classes and training for those interested in bee keeping. Keeping domestic bees is a great hobby for any age. If you want more information please give us a call.

For over 25 years, we are providing quality West Covina bee removal service. We handle various bee and stinging insect removal, rescue and beekeeping solutions. For any problem regarding bees, swarm or colony, call 949-497-6264 and a licensed, bonded and insured bee removal team will help you.  Contact Us today! Call your West Covina Bee Removal Experts!


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