Do you see bees entering your structure? After realizing you may have a bee problem, these are some of the questions you may be asking yourself. Have they been there long? What are they doing up there? Is this a common problem? Is there a Trabuco Canyon bee rescue service I can trust? What should I do? What you should do is call your Trabuco Canyon bee rescue experts at Bee Busters. We can let you know whats going on. If you just see a cluster in a tree, they might move on. If you see bees entering the structure, you probably have a more serious problem. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We have been in business over 30 years.

Many companies out there are newer than our least experienced technician. We are absolutely the most cost effective and experienced bee guys in Orange County. Take a look at some of our yelp reviews, then read the horror stories on some of our competitors reviews. So if you need a Trabuco Canyon bee rescue, who ya gonna call? Bee Busters!
(949) 497-6264 or (714) 731-1959

Trabuco Canyon Bee Rescue

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A nice exposed colony in a tree
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Here is another Trabuco Canyon Bee Rescue

Why Bee Busters?

Bee Busters has been rescuing and removing bees longer than all the inexperienced start-up companies out there combined. We were relocating bees before it was cool to do so. We love bees and care about the environment. That is why we use organic materials and we use the least amount as possible. We strongly believe in I.B.M. (Integrated Bee Management). To protect your family and pets, we only use insecticides when it’s necessary. Most other companies buy restricted use materials through e-commerce sites illegally without a license, and then they apply them at your home without proper training. This is dangerous in so many ways. Just take a look at their reviews on Yelp, but look at ours first.