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– Thank you Bee Busters!!!! We were forced out of our house for 4 months due to the wild fires in Yorba Linda. Imagine my surprise when move back day arrived and we were greeted at the front door by hundreds to thousands of swarming bees. With the moving men in the driveway I gave you a call. Amy rearranged appointments to get Robert here within the hour. Robert did a great job addressing the situation. By the afternoon furniture was being moved into my house. Thanks for saving the day and the move!!!!

Beth D.

Yorba Linda, CA

– I am in Property Management dealing primarily with Homeowner Associations. When I get a call from a homeowner reporting bees or wasps near their home, I can always count on Bee Busters to handle the issue professionally and quickly; most of the time dispatching a technician while I’m still reporting the problem. They are very knowledgeable with regard to bees and wasps and have assisted me in calming concerned Board members and homeowners.

I love dealing with the friendly people at Bee Busters and always try to steer a newly acquired property over to Bee Busters because of their great pricing and efficiency!

Patti Taylor

Assistant Property Manager

Golden West Property Management

– Bee Busters are great! I had bees in my eaves. They came out the same day, it was even a Sunday. The busters suited up and got to work! A week later, the bees were back. Called em up and they came back and sent the bees packin! Awesome job, great warranty work! Who ya gonna call? Bee busters! (ok, lame Ghostbuster reference, sorry…)

Jay A.

 Mission Vietjo, CA

– I am so impressed! I called at 2:45pm today and as of 3:45 THE SAME DAY — my bees were goners! Seriously. I talked with Amy and she not only was friendly and professional but let me know why their service was better than what I could do myself, and she was 100% on the money. Speaking of money, the pricing is straight forward and reasonable. The technician was super nice and professional. I highly recommend this company. Thanks Bee Busters!

Wendy H.

Anaheim, CA

– Last week I had a bunch of bees flying in my house through my chimney. I called Bee Busters and they were able to respond right away. Jeremy, the technician who arrived on the scene, was professional, courteous and prompt. Luckily, the bees hadn’t had a chance to become well established, so I only had to pay for a removal of the bees and not of the honeycomb as well. I was charged a flat rate, so there were no surprises when I was handed the bill. Thanks Bee Busters!

 Michelle B.

Los Angeles, CA

– Devin arrived very quickly. He was very kind, patient and confident. He put us all at ease & was able to answer all of our questions and concerns.

Danny and Rosa K.

Orange County, CA

– Devin was very efficient and competent. Seems to have alleviated the problem.


Long Beach, CA

– Devin was very professional, courteous + informative! He was very thorough + made what was a scary situation turn out to be calm and reassuring. Thank you!

Another happy customer

Garden Grove, CA

– I called several places and Bee Busters was the only one to give me a estimate. Bee Busters was professional and efficient. Melody was very helpful + friendly on the phone + accurately answered my questions. Thanks!

Satisfied Customer

Orange County, CA

– Thank you so much fro sending Jeremy here, and so quickly! He is the perfect example of an excellent worker. He did a great job and was patient with all of my questions. He gets an A+

Sari A.

Orange County, CA

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