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Placentia is just like any other city in the county. The get bees and they need a Placentia Bee Removal company to take care of the problem. The city of Placentia has a relatively small population. The latest figures put the current population at around 53,000 in 2010, which is remarkably similar to the population in a large beehive.

The city is generally known as a bedroom community, and it has an extremely good reputation for being a very safe place, where violent crimes are few and far between.

Placentia Bee RemovalPlacentia Bee RemovalPlacentia Bee Removal
As with any other place in Southern California, home owners are often forced to deal with various pests, including things like bees and wasps.

How to Get Rid Of Bees and Wasps

Fresh honey is amazing stuff, it tastes great and is very healthy. Nonetheless, there are times when honey can also be a real pain in the neck, and it can result in you having to fork out thousands and thousands of dollars.

Unlike wasps, which like to make a nest outdoors, bees like a bit more privacy, and frequently find it in homeowner’s walls.

When a colony moves into the space between your walls, serious problems can arise.

Honey from the hive can leak out on hot days, damaging your walls. The more serious concern, however, is the fact that the smell of honey will almost certainly attract other pests, including rats; mice and etc. Once these move in, they can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, and can even result in a devastating house fire from bared electrical wires.

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