Bee Busters Services – Bee Extermination, Rescue and Removal

At Bee Busters, we provide solutions for all of your bee and stinging insect problems:

A bee infestation can be a scary and dangerous, but it can also be a natural occurrence that does not require bee extermination or removal.  You need an expert who will be honest with you, while keeping your safety and the health of California’s bee population in mind.  Click the links above to learn more about each of our services.   Bee Extermination for Residential Landscapes We provide bee rescue, or relocating live bees to a new home, when it is safe and possible to do so.  When it isn’t possible, we use natural and safe products to exterminate the bees without damaging the insect population in the area.  To learn more about why it may not be possible to perform a live be rescue, visit our educational and reference pages.   Call us today at 949-497-6264. 

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