The Wonders of Royal Jelly, Part 2

royal jelly - bee control near meEven if you have read our previous article about royal jelly, you may think that the name of this milky substance sounds a bit prestigious. It certainly does stir up curiosity, unlike the mere sight of a swarm of bees on your property that makes you run as fast as you can, rushing to look up “bee control near me” on the Internet.

Once you find out the health benefits of this nutrient-dense food produced by worker bees and consumed by queen bees, royal jelly will become your favorite health and beauty supplement (just be sure consult your doctor first). Read on to find out more about this unique substance! Continue reading

The Wonders of Royal Jelly, Part 1

Bees are stunbees - bee hive removal near mening tiny creatures and their abilities continue to amaze scientists. We all know that honey comes from honey bees but are you aware of another type of superfood produced by worker bees? Once you discover these amazing facts about royal jelly, you will appreciate bees even more. Just bear in mind that honey bees should be removed in a responsible and safe way if they decide to build a hive near your house. In case you encounter bees, don’t hesitate to call Bee Busters, your trusted bee removal specialists in Orange County or search “bee hive removal near me” on the Internet. In the meantime, read on to find out everything you need to know about royal jelly.

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Things You Should Know about Africanized Honey Bees, Part 2

bee swarm - garden grove wasp nest removalIn our last article, we tackled a few characteristics of Africanized honey bees (AHBs). You’ve learned that though they look like European honey bees, they behave quite differently. You’ve also found out why they are referred to as “killer bees”. Now you can read more facts about AHBs that your Garden Grove wasp nest removal experts have prepared!

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Things You Should Know about Africanized Honey Bees, Part 1

img_africanized_bees - huntington beach wasp nest removalAfricanized Honey Bees (AHBs) can be quite defensive and unpredictable. They can be overprotective of their colony. They will not only fight to defend their nest but will also pursue anyone who jeopardizes their home. So if you spot these temperamental bees, call your trusted Huntington Beach wasp nest removal experts who also perform Africanized bee removal.

The reason for their aggressive temperament lies in their genes. The Africanized honey bee is actually a hybrid of a strain of honey bees from Africa, Apis mellifera scutellata. These Africanized bees have inherited many of the behavioral characteristics of their ancestors. African honey bees had to possess these traits in order to survive predators and harsh environmental factors in Africa.

If you want to find out more about these insects, keep on reading! We have prepared some interesting facts you should know about Africanized honey bees.

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The Life Cycle of a Wasp

wasp emerging from nest - costa mesa wasp nest removalHoney bees, wasps and other insects inevitably come with warmer temperatures and sunny days. You may find them annoying or even frightening, urging you to seek Costa Mesa wasp nest removal services. Perhaps you can’t wait for colder days that will free you of these pests.

However, even unusually cold weather won’t affect wasps and save you the trouble next spring. The wasp life cycle will continue, as newly-created wasp queens hibernate over the winter to start a new annual life cycle again.

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6 Facts about Wasps

wasps - santa ana wasp nest removalThese flying insects can be such a nuisance. They buzz around and invade our favorite places by building their nests in our backyards and other open-air areas. Just the thought of being stung by a wasp makes us want to rush to the nearest Santa Ana wasp nest removal experts. And it would be a wise decision. Wasp nest removal should be left to professionals.

If you have some nagging questions about these stinging insects you want to find answers to, keep on reading. Here are several facts about wasps you may want to know.

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What’s the Difference between Bees and Wasps?

Beehive - laguna beach wasp nest removalYou probably know that honey bees and wasps are two different insect groups belonging to the same order, Hymenoptera, and suborder, Apocrita. With your trusted bee experts, you’ve learned that honey bees wouldn’t even exist if wasps hadn’t been around. You’ve found out where honey bees and wasps make their homes, sometimes leaving homeowners with no option but to call Laguna Beach wasp nest removal experts.

To learn how to prevent these insects from becoming a pest in your home, you should also be able to tell the difference between a wasp and a bee. Here are a few key points.

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10 Buzzing Facts about Honey, Part 2

queen cell - bee removal IrvineIn our last article, we pointed out a few facts about honey. The taste of this amber elixir has inspired many people throughout history and instigated cooks to come up with some delicious recipes. Honey is a true delight to the palate. Even in case you’re not a fan, you have to pay respects to the hard-working bees. Thanks to these amazingly industrious little creatures, we can enjoy the benefits of honey. Read on to find out more interesting facts our bee removal Irvine experts have prepared.

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10 Buzzing Facts about Honey, Part 1

beekeeping bee removal garden groveIt’s common knowledge that bees make honey. These miraculous creatures work tirelessly to create one of the most delicious and amazing substances known to man. Not only is honey great as a natural sweetener but it also has incredible characteristics worth buzzing about. Your trusted bee removal Garden Grove experts have prepared several intriguing facts you may not have known.

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Dancing with Bees: the Amazing Waggle Dance

Bee Swarm - Bee Removal Long BeachHoney bees are incredibly organized creatures. In one short season, the colony’s honey bee workers will visit up to 500.000.000 flowers and will make about 90 kilograms of honey. Bees don’t fly in groups, so each bee finds the nectar source individually. But have you ever wondered how these bees can suddenly know precisely where the blooming flowers are?

It’s because they have a remarkable method of telling one another where to find the most productive flowers. This is called the “. Their intriguingly intelligent behavior and the language they developed is quite useful when the food is difficult to find or the food sources differ in quality.

Our Bee Busters experts, that offer bee removal in Mission Viejo and other Orange County communities, present some facts about their astonishing way of communication.

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