You’re probably already familiar with the “#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” unless you live under a rock in the driest desert in North America (which apparently is Death Valley) … in fact even then you’ll probably see a tortoise getting doused somewhere near you if you look around.

We here at Bee Busters were initially skeptical, we don’t like to jump on every fad that comes along. But then we got to thinking, how cool would it be with our new infra-red heat imaging camera?? And after all, we do believe in charity.

We like to do things right, so we filled two five gallon buckets with water, ice, and ice cream salt, (in order to make it even colder). Kris was initially heavily in favor of the salt innovation when it was just going to be Rusty getting doused, but then Kris decided he needed to do it too so he kind of had to eat his words.

Here’s the bucket being filled with ice, you can see the color change as the water get colder, which is pretty *ahem* cool.

Now here’s Bee Busters head beekeeper Kris getting doused:

And here’s Bee Busters technician Rusty, on his third round of Ice Bucket Challenge (still trying to recover his dignity after posting his first Ice Bucket Challenge video, in which he used a small bowl). We also changed it up and set the camera to a different color scheme for this one:

Conscientious of California’s drought, we were sure to do it over a planter near some plants that looked like they could use the water. After watching all the ice challenge fail videos of people getting bashed in the head with buckets, Bee Busters boss Dave required us to have two people handling the bucket each time.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is of course supposed to support and encourage donations for research to combat the degenerative nerve disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Some people’s interpretation is that you don’t have to donate if you do the ice bucket challenge, or only need to donate a much smaller amount, such as $10. We feel that’s a bit backwards, if you’re getting in on the fun, you should make the full donation. So the company made a donation to ALS, and then Kris, not wanting to be a freeloader himself, donated to help combat ebola in West Africa because that’s an important issue to him.