Newport Beach Wasp Control

Newport Beach is a lovely place to live, with the gorgeous back bay and exciting peninsula.  Houses in Newport Beach are typically very nice, with green luxuriant lawns and gardens.  This is very conducive to wasps though, so in Newport Beach wasp removal is an important service.

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Pictured: a member of Polistes aurifer wipes its forehead on a hot day.

Wasps prey on insects, which are most abundant in lush, well watered grass or foliage.  There is plenty of this throughout Newport Beach and so plenty of wasp nests.  Their nests can typically be found hanging under the eaves of houses, though sometimes the nest is hidden under roof tiles and one just sees wasps coming in and out from under the tiles.

It is important to take care of wasp nests without letting them go on too long because the longer a wasp nest exists the more other wasp nests it will establish.  So while that one wasp nest in the far corner of your eaves might not concern you, if you ignore it it will populate the rest of your eaves and your neighbor’s eaves with new wasp nests.


A Polistes exclamans nest.  P. exclamans are known for making many satellite nests.

Wasps are members of the hymenoptera order of insects, along with bees and ants.  Vespidae is the family of wasps, and Polistes is the paper wasps, of which we have several species in the area.

So if you have a wasp problem, Call Bee Busters!  We have over thirty years of experience controlling wasps in the area.

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