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Garden Grove Bee Removal

At Bee Busters, all we do is bee removal. We do Garden Grove bee removal.  We also remove wasps and yellow jackets. If you live in Garden Grove and get bees, that’s when you need an experienced Garden Grove bee removal company like Bee Busters.  You don’t want to mess with the bees on your own. Let us take the stings for you while you enjoy the nice climate and rich history that dominates the area. Its famous strawberries and other delightful fruits. While other creatures might have moved on, bees, wasps, and stinging insects have tended to hang around because urban development gives them plenty of places to build their colonies. The strawberry festival is a great family activity. Grove bee removal services will come and pick up swarming bees. These professionals have bee keeper roots, which gives them an edge in understanding how to deal with them safely.

Garden Grove Bee RemovalGarden Grove Bee RemovalGarden Grove Bee Removal
Spotting a swarm of bees or a large number of stinging insects in an unusual location can be scary. It may also indicate a colony in the area, particularly if there is no food or water source. This colony most often will be inside a void space like a hollow in a tree, wall, or other object.  It can be exposed in a tree too. Having Bee Busters, the premier Garden Grove bee removal service, come and take the unwanted bees, wasps, and yellow jackets is much better than trying to deal with them yourself. Bee Busters can take care of your problem quickly without exposing the public to angry bees or making a mess of the situation. Bee Busters provides residential and commercial services that are the most innovative in the country.

Some of Bee Busters, Inc. many services include Garden Grove Bee Removal, Garden Grove Bee Rescue, and Beekeeping. These services are our core focus:

  • Garden Grove Bee Removal– Since all wild swarms now have Africanized Honeybees, safety is a primary concern. Bee Busters will deal with problem bees by seeking out and removing both the colony or swarm and the honeycombs they have created. Once the Garden Grove bee removal job is done, we also ensure the property owner has enough knowledge to prevent future bee related issues.
  • Beekeeping – Bee Busters offers beekeeping services. We do on site pollination, offer fresh honey for sale, and host educational programs about bees. Additionally we host classes and training for those interested in bee keeping. Keeping domestic bees is a great hobby for any age. If you want more information, please give us a call.

Bee Busters has been providing professional Garden Grove bee removal service for more than 25 years. We provide communities in Southern California with bee and stinging insect removal and beekeeping services. For any problem of swarm or colony, call us at 949-497-6264.


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