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Bee Busters removes wasps, bees and yellow jackets. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We can take care of all your Fullerton Wasp removal service needs.

Fullerton is full of life! The city was once a center of agriculture, with groves of citrus trees as well as petroleum extraction, manufacturing and transportation, but is now better known for its respected higher education institutions such as Fullerton College and California State University Fullerton.

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But, like all cities in Orange County, in Fullerton, wasp removal service Bee Busters have their calendars full of clients. Wasp extermination in homes, schools and offices is an essential part of ensuring physical and mental health among its residents.

Social wasps live in self-contained colonies with a strict caste order consisting of queens, males and workers. While wasps are hardy insects, the only wasps that survive the cold winter season are the young fertilized queens. In the spring, they emerge from their hibernation, lay their eggs and nurture the larvae until these become workers; the workers will gather food, feed the new larvae, and defend the nest.

Wasps use their stings for both killing their prey and defending themselves from attackers; the stings contain sufficient amounts of venom to cause allergic reactions among human victims. This is where Bee Busters, the wasp nest removal professionals come in to the rescue.

Wasps can cause painful stings but that’s not all – their venom can also cause severe allergic reactions that increase the risk for anaphylactic shock, even death, among vulnerable victims like kids. The importance of wasp extermination cannot then be overemphasized.

Call Fullerton wasp nest removal professionals – Bee Busters – now at 949-497-6264 or 714-731-1959 and let them do the job.
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