Fullerton Bee Removal

Do you have a bee problem? Don’t panic!  Fullerton bee removal provider Bee Busters is just a call away. If you have a swarm of bees that are bugging you, call the Fullerton bee removal experts at Bee Busters! We also remove wasps, yellow jackets and bumble bees. 
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Fullerton Bee Removal Experts and Bee Control Services

Bee Busters is the Fullerton bee removal service that’s local, licensed and bonded. We have been servicing the Orange County area for over 35 years. Our employees are properly licensed and trained. We will handle your bee problems. We will remedy your bee problem quickly and efficiently while saving you money versus our competition, and keeping the public safe.

Bees don’t care what you’re up to. If you are having a birthday party or a BBQ, that doesn’t bother the bees. They might stop to take a break in your yard. This can make most people uncomfortable. Not us. Give us a call and we’ll get right out to you and take care of the bees so the guests can party on. You can also have wasps harassing you. Sometimes they will build their nests near a door and they can be a little protective of the nests when people walk in and out. Don’t mess with wasps, call us.

A Little Bee Removal History

In the late 1990s , there was an Africanized honeybee invasion. A man named David Marder, who is an experienced beekeeper, was addressing those Africanized Honeybee problems with his years of expertise. Today, people in Fullerton, California can still rely on David and his well-seasoned team of experts for Fullerton bee removal service to help individuals with any of their bee needs. The need to remove unwanted bees from residential or commercial property requires a trained Fullerton bee removal team. Bee Busters, inc is providing the most exceptional equipment and skills to deal with any Fullerton bee removal situation you may have.

What Sets us Apart

  • Bee Busters has the knowledge to successfully accomplish the removal of bees from unwanted areas. It is nearly impossible for a person who does not know bees to determine which are to be kept and which are to be destroyed. In bee removal, experience is everything and we know when it safe or unsafe to complete a bee removal. That situational awareness keeps the public safe.
  • Being a beekeeper requires some intense education. David Marder has been keeping bees since he was 11 years old. He is still an active beekeeper and can help you with any bee related problems in Fullerton, California.


Recently we’ve even removed bees from the historical Hetebrink House.

Fullerton Bee RemovalFullerton Bee RemovalFullerton Bee Removal

Bee Busters, Inc. know that bees can cause harmful situations for people at home or at the work place. Residents and commercial companies can be serviced quickly and efficiently in several ways. Bee Busters is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Look at all the Bee Busters information in the convenience of your home or office on a computer. For peace of mind, contact Bee Busters at 949-497-6264 or 714-731-1959 with questions to find out correct answers about Fullerton Bee Removal and Rescue Service.


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