Bee Removal Experts for Yellow Jackets in Orange County, CA

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Yellowjackets are colored like wasps and shaped like bees.

Do you need Orange County yellow jacket removal company Bee Busters? Have you ever seen these buggers at your picnics? You don’t invite them, but they know where the party is at. They are scavengers that eat sugars and proteins. These guys will forage to just about everything you’ve got from the hotdogs to the sweet beverages.

Yellowjackets are definitely not a critter you want to mess with. If you come across their nest, leave it alone! They are incredibly defensive, and unlike honeybees they can sting more than once.

Yellowjackets can be distinguished from honeybees because they are smaller and have no hairs on their bodies. They are very sleek and brightly yellow and black striped.

Nests are made of foraged material and will look much like paper-mache. The nest will resemble honeycomb, but is smaller. Originally, the ‘paper’ would have been made of tree barks, but they have also begun to use our trash, especially newsprint. You can actually see some color variations in the layers of the nest.

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Yellowjackets build paper mache type nests shaped like honeycombs but it is actually made of paper or other fibers.

Typically they will nest in the ground or in attic spaces. They have a nasty habit of chewing through drywall and showing up inside your house at the worst times. Before Africanized Honey Bees made their appearance here in Orange County, the emergency calls were usually for yellowjackets.

To avoid having these pests at your house it is best to eliminate all waste appropriately. Make sure outside trash receptacles are cleaned regularly and sugars and proteins do not stick around.

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Notice the different colors that have been mingled into this nest. In urban areas they will use newsprint to build their nests.