Bees In Your Birdhouse

Do you have bees in your Birdhouse? You’re not the only one. It’s a very common spot for bees. A birdhouse usually meets all criteria for a migratory swarm to choose to nest inside. It is very similar to a hive box that is used by commercial and hobbyist beekeepers. Let’s compare:


A Langstroth Hivebox
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Honey bees can live in thousands of places. Exposed in a tree or under an eave. Most of the time, however, they look for cavities to nest inside. They want a warm location that’s dry and has small entry points so they can better defend themselves against invaders. So a birdhouse is perfect  Bee Busters can come out and remove the bees in a birdhouse. If you want to keep the birdhouse, sometimes we can remove the honeycombs and leave the birdhouse. It is recommended to get rid of the birdhouse though as it will be highly attractive to other migratory swarms in the future. Anytime you remove honeycombs, the area will still be highly attractive due the the scent of honey and beeswax. There is not a product in the world that will mask that scent. Some other companies tell you they use a “preventative” but these do not work.

In our experience, bees in a birdhouse can be very defensive. Definitely exhibiting signs of Africanization and hyper defensiveness. We do not recommend attempting to remove the bees on your own. It’s much safer and efficient to go with a licensed bee removal expert from Bee Busters. We can come out and take care of your bees in a birdhouse with the proper materials and tools to get the job done right! The first time. All work is guaranteed. We offer live bee removal service also. We also remove yellow jackets and bumble bees too! Call us today for all your bee and wasp removal needs.

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