Imagine getting to work in the morning, you’ve got your mug of coffee in your hand, you sit down, ready to get to work, and as you’re taking a nice long sip of coffee you suddenly realize there’s a loud buzzing noise coming from just beside your head — You turn your head and realize there’s a huge cluster of bees RIGHT THERE.


Or maybe you left your car door open and found the bees sitting inside just beside the drivers seat.  Either way, you probably won’t want to sit in that chair!


Bees on cars happens more often than you’d think.

“So I’ve got bees on my car, what  do I do??” you may well ask.

When you have a situation like this you need an immediate and effective response, and this is where Bee Busters really shines.  If you need us urgently we can usually rearrange our less time sensitive calls and be there in 20-30 minutes, depending on how far away our nearest beekeeping technician is.

There’s several things less experienced companies may try to do which aren’t the best:

(1) First and foremost they might try to shoot them with insecticides, which will blast dead bees into every corner of your vehicle and leave a gross insecticide smell, as well as possibly stain upholstery or leave unhealthy vapors.

(2) Secondly, some companies have a basic understanding of beekeeping and will try to smoke the bees and vacuum them up or brush them into a box.  They know some general things about bees but lack our expert knowledge of how bees behave in a wide variety of circumstances.  Smoke helps with established hives but has zero effect on migratory swarms, which is what you have in your vehicle.  Using smoke will just make your vehicle smell like smoke for no reason and potentially burn holes  in your upholstery with cinders.

What we would do is simply vacuum up the swarm of bees. If necessary we can deploy a lure nearby so bees in the air will settle on that instead of the vehicle.  Then, since bees will be returning for the next few hours, you can move your car while it’s entirely bee free, roll up the windows, and you’re home free!