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What do honey bees eat?

Bee on a flower - Beehive removal cost in Garden GroveHoney bees touch more than 70 percent of everything that we eat while doing their pollinating work. Your trusted bee removal Garden Grove experts have explained how they use nectar to make honey but if you want to find out more about their diet and which food is essential to the hive, keep on reading! And if bees have been bugging you, rest assured Bee Busters can help! We perform safe and reliable bee removal and, if possible, bee rescue – at the best beehive removal cost in Garden Grove and the entire Orange County community!

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10 Buzzing Facts about Honey, Part 2

queen cell - bee removal IrvineIn our last article, we pointed out a few facts about honey. The taste of this amber elixir has inspired many people throughout history and instigated cooks to come up with some delicious recipes. Honey is a true delight to the palate. Even in case you’re not a fan, you have to pay respects to the hard-working bees. Thanks to these amazingly industrious little creatures, we can enjoy the benefits of honey. Read on to find out more interesting facts our bee removal Irvine experts have prepared.

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