Understanding the Relationship Between Honey Bees and Flowers

Bee on a flower - bee removal services near me in Garden GroveAmazingly industrious, honey bees pollinate approximately a third of our entire food supply and crops. As many as 250,000 species of flowering plants on Earth depend on their diligent work. A bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during only one flight and collection trip. Your bee removal professionals in Garden Grove assure you: honey bees are precious creatures that we cannot live without.

Plants, humans, animals… we all need these tiny insects to be at their best. For only one pound of honey, bees have to visit 2,000,000 flowers, spreading plenty of pollen in the process. So keep that in mind when looking for bee removal services near me in Garden Grove or anywhere else in Orange County. Choose experts who are dedicated to preserving the life of bees while performing a safe and effective bee removal.

Over the centuries, flowers and honey bees have coevolved for mutual success. Here’s more about their complex relationship!

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How Do Honey Bees Make Their Hive?

Honeycomb - how to remove honey bee nest without killing themEvery time we see a bee hive, well… we first call trusted bee removal Garden Grove experts to come help us out, but we are also reminded of how extraordinary these industrious, tiny insects are. With its complex structure and perfect hexagonal chambers, a bee hive is truly an amazing achievement. But how do honey bees manage to build such precise cells?

By the end of this article, you will want to save each and every bee you can. You will realize how precious bees are and if you ever encounter a bee swarm or hive, you will think about how to remove honey bee nest without killing them.

Here’s how honey bees make honeycomb and hive!

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What do honey bees eat?

Bee on a flower - Beehive removal cost in Garden GroveHoney bees touch more than 70 percent of everything that we eat while doing their pollinating work. Your trusted bee removal Garden Grove experts have explained how they use nectar to make honey but if you want to find out more about their diet and which food is essential to the hive, keep on reading! And if bees have been bugging you, rest assured Bee Busters can help! We perform safe and reliable bee removal and, if possible, bee rescue – at the best beehive removal cost in Garden Grove and the entire Orange County community!

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How Do Bees Make Honey?

Bee on honeycomb - professional bee removal Garden GroveYou add it instead of sugar to your tea, you spread it on the bread… you can even use raw honey to give yourself a natural, homemade facial at home. You surely know that this liquid gold, also called the food of gods, comes from honey bees but do you know how exactly they make it? Your bee removal Garden Grove experts give you an overview of the honey-making process! And don’t forget to call your trusted Bee Busters if you need the most reliable professional bee removal in Orange County!

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Why Are Honey Bees Important to Our Planet?

bee on a flower - bee removal Lake ForestHoney bees are invaluable for our ecosystem. Even 250,000 species of flowering plants depend on them for pollination. What would we do without crops, flowers, honey and other products that we find beneficial? Our lives would be so much different it these diligent pollinators cease to exist. For this reason, if you find them on your property, call trusted bee removal Lake Forest professionals whose top priority is your safety and the safety of honey bees, as well. If possible, they will perform bee rescue, relocation and rehabilitation without harming the bees.

Take a look at the amazing world of honey bees and how incredible these tiny creatures are. Read on to find out how they are contributing to our planet and us.

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How to Recognize the Signs of a Wasp Nest

wasp nest -  irvine wasp nest removalWith summer fast approaching, you may be concerned about wasps and other stinging insects that can spoil your outdoor activities in a hurry! If you have noticed high numbers of wasps in your backyard, it is likely that there is a nest nearby, maybe somewhere on your property. It doesn’t hurt to be on the lookout for the telltale signs of a wasp nest. As soon as you identify these pests, contact a company that provides Irvine wasp nest removal services to safely remove them from your home.

Here are a few ways you can determine if there is a wasp nest on your property.

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Fascinating Facts about Bees that Will Have You Buzzing, Part 2

honey bee - bee exterminators near meIn our last article, we tackled a few amazing facts about honey bees that makes you want to admire these tiny buzzing insects. We all agree that a colony or swarm of bees in your home is a reason to ask yourself “Are there bee exterminators near me who could deal with these pests?”

This, however, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t want bees around. Bees make honey and other products that can be beneficial for humans. These pollinators are incredibly complex creatures and are endlessly intriguing and useful. You only need to keep a safe distance. After you read this article, you won’t stay immune to their charm.

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Fascinating Facts about Bees that Will Have You Buzzing, Part 1

bee collecting nectar - bee removal near meUseful without comparison, honey bees are indispensable to our ecosystem, they produce honey, beeswax, propolis, and bee’s milk known as royal jelly. Your garden is also an ecosystem and bees are important to keep it in a state of balance, unless they decide to make their home right there on your property, urging you to seek bee removal near me services.

Bees do not only give us honey and pollinate flowers. There’s much more to these buzzing insects than you may think. Here are a few facts about bees that will amaze you.

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The Wonders of Royal Jelly, Part 2

royal jelly - bee control near meEven if you have read our previous article about royal jelly, you may think that the name of this milky substance sounds a bit prestigious. It certainly does stir up curiosity, unlike the mere sight of a swarm of bees on your property that makes you run as fast as you can, rushing to look up “bee control near me” on the Internet.

Once you find out the health benefits of this nutrient-dense food produced by worker bees and consumed by queen bees, royal jelly will become your favorite health and beauty supplement (just be sure consult your doctor first). Read on to find out more about this unique substance! Continue reading

The Wonders of Royal Jelly, Part 1

Bees are stunbees - bee hive removal near mening tiny creatures and their abilities continue to amaze scientists. We all know that honey comes from honey bees but are you aware of another type of superfood produced by worker bees? Once you discover these amazing facts about royal jelly, you will appreciate bees even more. Just bear in mind that honey bees should be removed in a responsible and safe way if they decide to build a hive near your house. In case you encounter bees, don’t hesitate to call Bee Busters, your trusted bee removal specialists in Orange County or search “bee hive removal near me” on the Internet. In the meantime, read on to find out everything you need to know about royal jelly.

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