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For over thirty years,  Bee Busters has provided Orange County Bee Removal Services. Orange County residents know who to call for all of their Orange County Bee Removal needs. We are experts in beehive removal, eradication of problem bees, live bee rescueyellowjacket eradicationwasp removal, and practically any other situation you can come up with involving stinging insects. We work from 7 AM-7PM, 7 days a week, doing nothing but Orange County bee removals. Bees don’t take holidays, neither do we.

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Our background is in beekeeping, so our approach to bee control is heavily based on a thorough understanding of bee biology.  We love and appreciate bees, but understand that there are many places they simply do not belong in an urban environment.  We use natural, green products to perform bee removal in Orange County in order to keep you, your family, neighbors and domestic animals safe. Our goal is to give you the correct knowledge about your bee situation so you are well informed about your Orange County bee removal circumstances. We always give honest advice, competitive no-surprise pricing, and can immediately dispatch a uniformed and experienced expert — at the time of this writing, our four techs have between them an accumulated 80 years of beekeeping experience (and none less than nine years), and are literally world-class experts on honeybees! Our office in Laguna Hills, California, is centrally located  for lightning-fast response  times throughout Orange County to get your Orange County bee removal done as quick as possible.

Since we are professional beekeepers and a licensed structural pest control company (specializing in only bees), we know both sides of the Orange County bee removal business. Bees are often in enclosed spaces within structures, and this is where our tremendous amount of experience really makes the difference — our techs thoroughly understand how to eradicate the bees without opening the structure (thus saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars); or to open up the structure and perform an Orange County bee removal. Removing the combs and dead bees while doing minimal damage. Most bee rescue companies are start-ups whose technicians rarely hang around for more than a year or two, and so they lack the expertise, experience and proper credentials to utilize pesticides or open structures properly and safely. 


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