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For more than 30 years, Bee Busters has been providing Orange County Bee Removal and Control services. We are your experts for practically every honeybee situation you can come up with. We also remove Yellow jackets, bumble bees, wasps and carpenter bees. Our services include the following:

Orange County Bee Removal

We work from 7 AM – 7 PM, 7-days a week. Bees don’t take holidays, so we don’t either. We always answer our phones. We go above and beyond to solve your bee and wasp problems. Most people don’t know how to get rid of bees by themselves, that’s our specialty. A lot of times people see a few bees on the inside and think they have a small bee problem when actually, the wall is filled with thousands of bees and hundreds of pounds of honeycombs.

Orange County Beekeeper

Our background is in bee keeping, so our approach to bee control is heavily based on a thorough understanding of bee biology.  We love and appreciate bees, but understand that there are many places they simply do not belong in an urban environment.  We use natural, green products to perform Orange County bee removals in order to keep our community safe.

Orange County Bee Relocation

We provide bee rescue, or relocating live bees to a new home. Not all bees can be saved or relocated. Therefore, we only do it when it is safe for the specific situation. We use natural and safe products to treat and eradicate the insects without damaging the bee population in the area.   We promise to use only the safest and most responsible bee removal techniques possible.   To learn more about all of our Orange County bee removal services, visit our services page.  To talk with us about your bee removal needs in Orange County, call us today at (949) 497-6264.

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As professional bee keepers and a licensed structural pest control company, we know both sides of the bee business. We specialize in bees and stinging insects. Whenever possible, we use all-natural pesticides derived from flowers to eradicate and treat your bee infestation.  This protects the health of our Orange County bee population, while protecting the safety of our community. Click here to learn more about Bee Busters and our history.

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