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Garden Grove wasp removal service Bee Busters don’t take holidays. Even for the annual Strawberry Festival every Memorial Day weekend. It attracts a lot of guests to the city. Not all of these visitors are human though. The climate is ideal for several types of wasps too. Because of this, locals know to call Bee Busters for Garden Grove wasp removal service and wasp control.

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Orange County is home to three types of wasps. Paper wasps typically build small nests in the roof eaves and air conditioning ducts. These shy insects usually do not sting unless they are messed with. Mud Dauber nests are usually formed for a specific brood of babies and then left. These wasps also rarely sting, but they can build inside air ducts and the offspring wind up inside buildings.

In Garden Grove, wasp removal service is often advisable. It must be remembered that these insects can sting more than once. Their stings are very painful. In some cases, wasp control can be handled by reducing the amount of water around the property. Another way to reduce professional house calls is to keep the trash around your property cleaned up. Calling a professional can keep you from getting stung, particularly when dealing with active yellow jacket and paper wasp nests. Yellow jackets are very aggressive and used to be the top emergency call handed by Bee Busters before Africanized Honeybees arrived in the area.

When you need quality Garden Grove wasp removal service, there is only one place to call. Bee Busters has decades of local experience dealing with native species of wasps. Give us a buzz at 949-497-6264 or 714-731-1959 for fast, friendly, professional service.

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