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Understanding the Relationship Between Honey Bees and Flowers

Bee on a flower - bee removal services near me in Garden GroveAmazingly industrious, honey bees pollinate approximately a third of our entire food supply and crops. As many as 250,000 species of flowering plants on Earth depend on their diligent work. A bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during only one flight and collection trip. Your bee removal professionals in Garden Grove assure you: honey bees are precious creatures that we cannot live without.

Plants, humans, animals… we all need these tiny insects to be at their best. For only one pound of honey, bees have to visit 2,000,000 flowers, spreading plenty of pollen in the process. So keep that in mind when looking for bee removal services near me in Garden Grove or anywhere else in Orange County. Choose experts who are dedicated to preserving the life of bees while performing a safe and effective bee removal.

Over the centuries, flowers and honey bees have coevolved for mutual success. Here’s more about their complex relationship!

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How Do Honey Bees Make Their Hive?

Honeycomb - how to remove honey bee nest without killing themEvery time we see a bee hive, well… we first call trusted bee removal Garden Grove experts to come help us out, but we are also reminded of how extraordinary these industrious, tiny insects are. With its complex structure and perfect hexagonal chambers, a bee hive is truly an amazing achievement. But how do honey bees manage to build such precise cells?

By the end of this article, you will want to save each and every bee you can. You will realize how precious bees are and if you ever encounter a bee swarm or hive, you will think about how to remove honey bee nest without killing them.

Here’s how honey bees make honeycomb and hive!

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10 Buzzing Facts about Honey, Part 1

beekeeping bee removal garden groveIt’s common knowledge that bees make honey. These miraculous creatures work tirelessly to create one of the most delicious and amazing substances known to man. Not only is honey great as a natural sweetener but it also has incredible characteristics worth buzzing about. Your trusted bee removal Garden Grove experts have prepared several intriguing facts you may not have known.

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