Surprising Ways Wasps are Actually Useful

Wasp - Garden Grove Wasp Nest Removal Irvine Wasp Nest RemovalIf your reaction to the title was disbelief, you share the opinion of most people who have had encounters with them. The only thing we want when we see them is get rid of them, in any way possible. However, there are a lot of wrong ways to try to get rid of a wasp nest, and only professionals can do it safely and thoroughly. In Orange County, in places like Irvine wasp nest removal is a year-round business.

Wasps seem to get a bad reputation as useless and aggressive, especially when compared to honey bees. However, the story is not as clear cut as we would want it to be. There are actually some benefits to having some species of wasps around. Just make sure you do not agitate them, as their stings hurt.

Regulating pest insects

Many wasp species are carnivores, meaning they eat other animals. When you are as small as wasps are, the only real choice you have is other insects. Some species of wasps have perfected this feeding style into a gruesome art form. A grown up wasps locates a suitable prey, stings it to paralyze it and then injects its eggs into the still living prey. Once the eggs hatch, they have fresh food ready to be consumed. However, these are highly specialized loner wasps, but we usually have to deal with social wasps.

Even common wasps like yellowjackets and hornets do this

But even the species which do not have such startling habits eat other insects. This makes them indispensable help to farmers around the world who are trying to protect their crops without access to modern pesticides. Lately, there has been a trend in the USA and other developed countries to move away from chemical pesticides and use wasps and other beneficial insects to protect their crops or gardens. You may have heard that ladybugs are used to this effect, but also praying mantises and even spiders can be ordered from specialized insect farms and used in place of chemicals.

Wasps are, in fact, pollinators

A relatively new piece of information is that some wasp species do pollinate flowers. They are not as successful at it as the bees, since pollen sticks far less to their sleek bodies than it does to the hairy ones of bees. Still, with the reduction in the number of honey bees, this might be a really useful trait to keep in mind. In fact, there is a fairly common fruit which would die out without wasps. It is the fig. The symbiosis of these two species is quite interesting. The female wasp lays eggs into the undeveloped fig fruit. While it goes in and out of the fruit, it deposits pollen it got from the previous flower. It then dies, and the eggs go through the full metamorphosis and finally, they mate inside the fig fruit. The male stays inside to die, while the female leaves and gathers some pollen on it in the process. It then finds an undeveloped fruit, and the circle continues.

They are responsible for your wine

An Italian university discovered a yeast culture in wasps’ stomachs. They discovered that the yeast comes from the overripe grapes in the autumn. The yeast is transferred to the next generation, who deliver the yeast to the grapes next year. The yeast, of course, bolsters fermentation, which might just be the origin of our alcoholic drinks.

Still, the wasps have some drawbacks as well, they choose places that are uncomfortably close to our homes, and they are fairly territorial and aggressively defend their nest. This brings them into conflict with us. In such situations, it is important to protect yourself and your family. This is why Bee Busters specialize in Irvine wasp nest removal. Contact Bee Busters for more information.