Can I Remove Bees From My House?

A lot of home owners are concerned when they notice a bee hive on their property, especially if they have children or pets. Even though having bees in your garden is useful because they will pollinate your plants, most home owners like to have the colony removed. The dilemma is whether you should do it yourself or hire bee removal professionals. Our opinion is that the latter is a better option. You may say we are partial, and we are, but only because we have a decades-long experience in keeping and handling bees. In any case, read on and decide for yourself.

Can I smoke bees out?

It’s common knowledge that beekeepers have long used smoke to control bees. The operative word here is control, not drive away. The thing is that when bees sense smoke, they think it’s a forest fire and they pack up ready to leave if the fire reaches them. They prepare for such possibility by gorging on honey so that it’s safe from the flame. When they are full of honey, bees are not aggressive. Using smoke helps the beekeeper or bee removal professional to relocate the colony.

One more thing to consider about using smoke to remove bees is that you live in California. Are you 100% positive that you will be able to keep the fire under control? Why should you risk property damage and the safety of everyone around you? Your best choice is to seek the services of a professional bee removal business.

Can I burn them out?

It’s pretty obvious from the previous answer that our reply to this question is – better don’t. The risks are even greater than with smoking them out.

Can I use expanding foam or bug spray?

You will come across advice saying that you can use these two products at the entrance of the bee hive to remove them. Firstly, these techniques can easily prove ineffective. Secondly, you may cause even greater damage.

Safety first!

Bee removal is far more complex than you might imagine. It is best that you do not attempt to remove the bees yourself and only call trained and trusted bee removal experts to help you. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to assess the situation correctly and to apply removal methods that are safe for the people and animals nearby.

Bee Busters are an Orange County-based business with a long tradition and stellar reputation in safely removing bees from residential and commercial spaces. We serve the surrounding areas. If you are interested in bee removal in Anaheim which is efficient, safe and professional, call us today!