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Orange County Beekeepers’ Advice: What to Do in Case of a Bee Sting

Bee on a Bee Buster Employee - Orange county beekeepers

Getting stung by a bee or wasp is an unpleasant and painful experience, but don’t panic.

If you’re not allergic to the venom, usually the sting won’t have a long-lasting effect on your body. As the reaction to the protein in the venom of the bee or wasp, you may experience swelling, redness, itching and instant sharp pain. In most cases, these symptoms will disappear within a few hours. In the worst case scenario, it’ll go away after a day or two.

For any concerns and honey bee emergencies, contact Bee Busters, Orange county beekeepers and bee removal experts, who will provide bee rescue, relocation or removal.

To find out what to do and how to treat mild and moderate reactions to a bee sting, keep on reading!

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Does cold weather affect the number of wasps?

Place for a Wasp Nest - Anaheim wasp nest removalThis piece of folk wisdom has been around for a very long time. If the winter has been fierce and cold, the summer that follows will be mercifully free of wasps. But is there any scientific backing to this claim? If not, where did this myth originate?

The shortest possible answer is ‘no, wasps won’t be affected by the unusually cold winter’. The reason why, though, is a bit more complex, and it requires some understanding of wasp social structure.

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How Honeybees Evolved From Wasps

Orange County Beekeepers - Strange Places for Beehives - Remove term: Bee Removal Fullerton Bee Removal FullertonWith spring and warmth all around, there are many more insects around, including various bees and wasps. Most people generally have nothing against honey bees but aren’t too keen on wasps. In fact, most of us have wished at some point that wasps never existed. Interestingly enough, if wasps hadn’t been around, we would never have honey bees either.

Most people generally have nothing against honey bees but aren’t too keen on wasps. In fact, most of us have wished at some point that wasps never existed. Interestingly enough, if wasps hadn’t been around, we would never have honey bees either.

Interestingly enough, if wasps hadn’t been around, we would never have honey bees either.

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Surprising Ways Wasps are Actually Useful

Wasp - Garden Grove Wasp Nest Removal Irvine Wasp Nest RemovalIf your reaction to the title was disbelief, you share the opinion of most people who have had encounters with them. The only thing we want when we see them is get rid of them, in any way possible. However, there are a lot of wrong ways to try to get rid of a wasp nest, and only professionals can do it safely and thoroughly. In Orange County, in places like Irvine wasp nest removal is a year-round business.

Wasps seem to get a bad reputation as useless and aggressive, especially when compared to honey bees. However, the story is not as clear cut as we would want it to be. There are actually some benefits to having some species of wasps around. Just make sure you do not agitate them, as their stings hurt.

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Africanized bees

They were the real scare in the previous decades, but not much has been heard about Africanized bees lately. There was a report last year which stirred some panic, but it proved to be false, so the dust settled once again. This article aims to shed some light on these creatures, how they came to be, their behavior and other matters. Keep in mind that these bees do exist in real life and they did cause hundreds of deaths in the 50 or so years they have existed.

If you happen to encounter a colony, do not engage them, and if it is found on your property, call the experts to get rid of them. The best bee removal in Westminster and throughout Orange County comes from Bee Busters.

The inception

As their name suggests, their origin can be traced back to Africa. The bees on that continent needed to develop aggressive behavior and strength in order to survive the harsh conditions as well as the abundance of predators. Scientists believed that these traits would be ideal when paired with the more productive and docile European bees. The experiments started in Brazil in 1956. The breeding was successful, creating hybrid Africanized honeybees. However, the scientists failed to contain the bees to Brazil.

What went wrong?

The bees spread incredibly fast. Being stronger and more aggressive than their European counterparts, they were able to oust them from their ecological niche. By the early 1970’s, the bees reached the northern part of South America in Venezuela. The next decade saw them migrate to Mexico, until finally in the 1990’s they reached the southern USA. Initially, they caused a lot of problems with their aggression and persistence, so that created the myth of ‘killer bees’ which caused widespread panic. The country is still adapting to their arrival. They are not expected to travel any more north, as cold climates do not suit them.


Like most bees, Africanized bees are very territorial. However, unlike most other species of bees, they are incredibly persistent and aggressive when they feel threatened. While most bees will break off the pursuit fairly quickly, these bees will pursue their target. It takes approximately 6 to 7 stings per LB, to inject enough venom into an average human to cause death. This, naturally, provided that there is no allergic reaction. So a 200 LB person would need 1200 to 1400 stings to be fatal. While this sounds like a lot of bee stings,  Africanized bees are more than capable of such attacks. An average colony can have between 10,000 and 20,000 bees, and often much more. A queen can lay up to 2500 eggs per day.


However, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about them in the media. For instance, they are often represented as being much larger than regular bees. This is in fact very wrong, as they are typically smaller than their European cousins we are familiar with. So then, is their body count a result of the more potent venom? Once again, no. In fact, there is no difference between the venoms of these two species. And even if you consider the amounts of venom they possess, you might be surprised to once again learn that a regular honey bee is the winner of this comparison as well. So it is only their aggressive nature that sets them apart.

Not killer bees after all

A report from Puerto Rico shows that the same Africanized bees are much more docile there, as a result of less competition. So, their ‘killer bee’ reputation is perhaps too harsh, and depends solely on the conditions.

In any case, you should not attempt to remove bees yourself. There are professionals who have the right equipment and training. Bee removal in Westminster in Orange County is a job for Bee Busters. Contact Bee Busters for any further information.

Different Kinds of Wasp Nests

Bee nest - Wasp nest removal Orange CountyMost of us aren’t too interested in bees and wasps. The only thing we want is for them to stay away from us and our property. However, to a trained eye, just a look at the wasp’s nest can help identify the species that is bugging you. This, in turn, makes it so much easier to prepare for the specific conditions which may apply. For instance, yellow jackets are infinitely more aggressive than paper wasps, and their stings hurt a whole lot more as well. It is good to be prepared. This is why we offer this helpful description of various bee habitations. Be warned that wasps and bees are aggressive when defending their home. Wasp nest removal in Orange County should be left to professionals with ample experience and appropriate equipment.

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Can I Remove Bees From My House?

A lot of home owners are concerned when they notice a bee hive on their property, especially if they have children or pets. Even though having bees in your garden is useful because they will pollinate your plants, most home owners like to have the colony removed. The dilemma is whether you should do it yourself or hire bee removal professionals. Our opinion is that the latter is a better option. You may say we are partial, and we are, but only because we have a decades-long experience in keeping and handling bees. In any case, read on and decide for yourself.

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What Is In Wasp’s Venom?

Wasp - Garden Grove Wasp Nest RemovalA wasp’s sting hurts a lot more than that of a honey bee. That is why our first instinct is to want them as far away from us as possible. In Garden Grove wasp nest removal is as easy as calling Bee Busters. 

But why do wasp stings hurt so much? Wasps secrete venom into their stingers. This venom can be used as an offensive weapon, to hunt for prey, but also as a defensive weapon, when defending the nest. It is this latter use that many of us have experienced on our own skins.

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What You Should Know about Wasps

The term ‘’wasp’’ actually covers a huge number of species (around 30,000). But the ones we really care about are the ones which persistently invade our favorite places, such as back yards, open air cafes and similar open-air spots in the summer. Unlike honey bees, which produce honey, wasps are often regarded as complete pests with no purpose and no use to humans. That might not be the case, but their sting is enough for us to want them gone from our properties as fast as possible.

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The Weirdest (and Most Uncomfortable) Places Bees Can Make Their Home

Ok, to be perfectly honest, none of these places are particularly uncommon, or even unreasonable for a bee to live in. After all, what bees look for in a perfect home is fairly simple and specific and touches bases with bees’ needs. It’s just that these places bring them in a direct conflict with us – those are our places; we don’t want to share them with insects. Especially those with stingers.

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